Stylists, Are You Leaving Money on the Table Because You Don’t Know How to Style Men?

Here’s the Fastest Way to Fix That Problem and Gain the Confidence You Need to Take on Absolutely Any Styling Job.


I want you to imagine you’ve just been asked to style a male client... Would you be able to do it?

Do you know how to tie a tie the right way, and how to work with men’s accessories, including cufflinks, hats, scarves, and watches?

Do you have a good grasp on men’s brands, and know exactly where to shop for men?

Do you understand the psychology of dressing men, and how it’s different from working with women?

Do you grasp the details of fit and proper tailoring for men’s garments?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, I’m betting you’d freak out if someone asked you to style a male client.

Sound familiar? If so, I have an important wake-up call for you: As a personal or fashion stylist, you’re limiting your business income by 50% (or more) if you don’t know how to style men. 

You cannot have a successful career as a stylist without knowing how to dress men.

Here’s What is Possible
When You Learn This Critical Skill

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Imagine what it would feel like if you could:

Walk into absolutely any styling gig – no matter who you’re working with – and have the confidence to style that client with ease and certainty.

Start being in higher demand as a stylist, because people love the fact that you can style men.

Double (or even triple) your potential income as a personal or fashion stylist.

Stop trying to “fake it” or “wing it” when you’re styling men, and banish the constant worrying about whether or not you’re going to embarrass yourself in front of your male clients.

These things are possible – even if you’ve never styled a man before, and even if you don’t have any idea how to work with male clients.

Here’s Why You Absolutely
Must Learn to Style Men

Styling men is radically different than styling women. 


You can’t just “wing it” when you style men – and you can’t assume your experience and instincts as a stylist for women will carry over to the world of menswear styling. 

Menswear is subtle, and it’s based on tradition and history.
It’s more than just knowing how to tie a necktie (although that’s important, too!)

To style men successfully, you must understand the fit and tailoring of menswear, how to work with accessories, how to style men’s body types, where to shop, the psychology of dressing men, and how to make sure men feel comfortable during fittings. All of these things are completely different than styling a female client.

You also need to make a special effort to learn how to style men – you can’t learn these techniques on the fly, and you can’t make it up as you go along when you’re working with clients.

Famous menswear stylist Ilaria Urbinati, who has styled Bradley Cooper, Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleston, and Rami Malek, says:

“From a tailoring standpoint, there’s so many more elements that go into menswear as far what can come out wrong and the precision you need. Is the shirt right? Is the jacket right? Is the pant right? If the sleeves are off by a quarter of an inch, you have to redo the whole thing. [Menswear] is kind of hard core.”






The men’s fashion industry is booming. 

It’s no longer taboo for a man to want to be styled or want the latest fashions. The menswear industry is exploding worldwide, and there are huge opportunities for talented stylists who know how to dress men. 

Here are a few surprising stats about the men’s fashion:

Since January 2012, there have been Men’s Fashion Week events in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Toronto. And more markets are adding Menswear events each year. 

Online menswear shopping is growing at a faster rate than other E-commerce verticals.

According to Euromonitor International, “The global market for men’s designer apparel is projected to reach nearly $33 billion in 2020.” 

Global menswear sales have skyrocketed 70% since 1998. 

Men are catching up with women when it comes to fashion, and if you don’t know how to style men, you’re going to miss out on the boom. 







Being able to style men will give you a huge advantage as a stylist. 

The menswear industry is exploding worldwide, and there are opportunities everywhere for talented stylists who know how to dress men. 

You never know what kind of job you’re going to book as stylist, so you need to be prepared for anything. That means you must know how to style men as well as women.

If you’re a personal stylist, you’re going to have clients who give you referrals to style their husbands, boyfriends, and best friends – and you’ll probably attract male clients with through your marketing efforts, too!

If you’re a fashion stylist, you might be booked to do costume design for film, editorials, music videos, television commercials, or advertising jobs. Every type of of styling job will include men, and many aspiring fashion stylists don’t realize that until they start working.

Not knowing how to style men when you’re assisting a key stylist can be a huge problem. Not knowing how to style men when booked on your own job can be an even bigger problem!

Being able to style men can make you valuable as a personal stylist or fashion stylist in this very competitive industry – so it’s absolutely imperative to learn or be left behind.

Men are catching up with women when it comes to fashion, and if you don’t know how to style men, you’re going to miss out on a lot of opportunities. 

I’ve Dressed Hundreds of Men – and Now I Want to Teach You Everything I Know.

Hi, I’m Luke Storey, and I worked as a stylist in Hollywood for almost 20 years. I have personally dressed hundreds of men, including celebrities, musicians, and actors. 

When I first started working as an assistant stylist, most of the other stylists in the industry were female and didn’t know how to dress men. I had some experience dressing men from playing in bands (and dressing myself, of course). 

I would get hired frequently as an assistant because I understood how to dress men. Eventually my expertise in the world of menswear caused me to be sought after as a key stylist.

When I became a key stylist and started hiring my own assistants, I noticed that many of the people I hired were clueless about men’s brands and body types. 

They didn’t know anything about how to do fittings for men, or how to work with male body types. 

This was really frustrating for me as a key stylist, because I felt like I couldn’t trust or rely on my assistants when I was on jobs that included menswear-- which ended up being most of them!

There’s a huge gap in the industry

There’s a huge gap in the industry for people who are educated, skilled, and proficient at styling men – and that’s exactly why we created this course.

I’ve taken everything I know about styling men and put it into this comprehensive program. 

The Menswear Styling Course will teach you exactly how to confidently style various menswear jobs within the fashion and entertainment industry, or work with male clients as a personal stylist. If you want to have a successful, well-rounded career with longevity, it’s critical that you don’t leave menswear out – and I can help you learn this essential skill.

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What Will Happen If You Try to “Fake It” When You Style Men
(Hint: It’s a Total Disaster.)

A lot of stylists humiliate themselves when they try to style men, because they don’t understand men’s garments and accessories, or have experience working with men’s body types. Many stylists decide they’re going to try to “fake it” when they work with male clients, and they try to give themselves a crash course by frantically watching YouTube videos on the night before a big job.

Then they go to the gig and privately pray the client doesn’t actually ask them to tie a necktie, or require a look with a French cuff shirt.

This practice of trying to “fake it” when you’re working with male client usually ends in disaster. 

You will get busted when you try to do this. The client will realize you
have no idea what you’re doing, and call you out on it. 

You’ll be embarrassed, your client will be upset, and it will be really bad for your business. 

You’ll stop getting referrals and jobs, because word will spread that people can’t trust you. 


Imagine how bad this can be for your career. 
My advice? Don’t risk it. Learn how to style men properly. 

Want to Know What’s Possible
When You Know How to Style Men?


Ilaria Urbinati realized she had a talent for men’s styling when she was working as a fashion consultant on the Showtime series “The L Word.” She helped style many of the men on the show, including Eric Lively (Blake Lively’s brother). Lively won TV Guide’s award for “Best-Dressed Man on Television,” and that’s when Urbinati knew she was on the right track.

She started doing freelance styling, which led to a serendipitous meeting with Bradley Cooper – and her career took off from there. Since then, she’s dressed many of the most popular stars in Hollywood, including Bradley Cooper, Chris Evans, Armie Hammer, and Rami Malek. Now she employs a number of people in her fashion styling business, including multiple assistants and interns.

The 3 Biggest Myths About Styling Men

Styling men is boring 


Truth: Styling men is as exciting as styling women – it’s just different. 

These days, men are taking more fashion rishs, and the men’s fashion industry is catching up. There are a lot of fun details and accessories you can play with when you’re styling men. 

Men don’t get much attention on the red carpet, because there’s not a lot of variety – but when you style men, you get to work with incredible tailors and top-notch brands. 

For example, have you ever thought about doing high fashion editorials for menswear magazines? How about styling A-list celebrity men like Bradley Cooper and Tom Hiddleston? Menswear styling is far more exciting and glamorous than you think. 






There aren't as many job opportunities in men's fashion

Truth: There are TONS of opportunities in men’s fashion. There’s actually a huge gap in the industry for people who are proficient at styling men. 

Learning how to style men properly can actually actually make you more in demand as a stylist – because there are so few stylists who know how to do it well!






Men aren't picky about fashion

Truth: Many stylists assume men aren’t choosy about what they wear.

The truth is, men have become quite picky about their own personal styles. They also care about different things than women do, so you need to know what’s important to the men you’re styling.

You can’t just throw a few things together, and assume your male clients will like what you’ve chosen. You need to shop just as thoughtfully as you would for your female clients. 

Here's What's Possible When you Know How to Style Men


Jeanne Yang’s brother actually prompted her to get into fashion. “You read magazines all the time,” he asked. “Have you ever thought about doing that for work?”

After working for several years doing shoots for magazines, commercials, and television, Yang transitioned into freelancing, and discovered she had a special talent for styling men. 

These days, Jeanne is responsible for making sure some of Hollywood’s most recognizable men — like George Clooney, Robert Downey Jr., Jamie Dornan, and Jake Gyllenhaal – look great and feel comfortable in all circumstances, from press junkets to red carpets.

Introducing the Menswear Styling Course from School of Style

The Menswear Styling Course is the step-by-step training course that will teach you exactly how to style men from head to toe.

After this program, you’ll be able to walk into a large variety
of jobs with complete confidence – no matter who you’re styling. 


Here's How it Works

As soon as you join the course, you’ll get a series of video lessons, PDF downloads, resource links, and recommendations.
You can dig into the course right away, and start learning the essential skills you’ll need to style men effectively.

This course will give you practical, step-by-step instruction that you can implement immediately, and the information is broken down into small, manageable chunks. The entire program is self-paced, and you get lifetime access, so you’ll never get overwhelmed or fall behind in the course.

You’ll also get full access to any future updates to the course – so as we add new modules, bonuses, tools, and resources, you’ll get those, too. 


Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn in the Menswear Styling Certification Course

Why Menswear Matters

Think menswear is still on the fringes of fashion? Think again! In this module, you will learn:

  • Why Menswear matters now more than ever.
  • The differences between how a Personal Stylist and a Fashion Stylist work with make clients.
  • The types of opportunities there are for you in the menswear space.
  • Why you need to know how to style men to be successful.


Psychology of Men's Styling

In this module, we go on a deep dive of the male brain and how it responds to fashion and style. You will learn:

  • The differences between styling a man vs a woman.
  • How to deal with a male ego.
  • How to use your logic and decisiveness to win over your male clients' trust.
  • What to do about your male clients' body issues, and how to guide them away from bad taste into making better decisions.

History of Men’s Style

In this module, we're going back in time to learn about men’s fashion trends over the past few decades. You will learn:

  • How understanding the history of men’s style can help you as a stylist, and how history will influence your styling decisions going forward.
  • The history of each of the last few men’s fashion eras, including different trends in pop culture, music, film, and fashion.
  • What you need to know about men’s style icons through the years, and how to create style archetypes to use as blueprints when you’re styling male clients. 
  • How to create your own “styling superpower” by combining historical knowledge and style archetypes.
  • How to create create something completely new for your clients that is still influenced by the past.


Fit and Tailoring

This module dives into the most technical aspects of men’s styling – fit, color, and body types. Without fully knowing and understanding these elements, you simply can’t make your client look his best. You’ll want to take lots of notes during this critical module. You will learn:

  • Why tailoring and fit are so important when you’re working with men.
  • The secrets of dressing men by body type, and the rules for each of the three main men’s body types.
  • Why menswear color coordination is so important, and how it differs from the color coordination rules we use with our female clients.
  • How to make a garment fit if it doesn’t fit your client’s frame.
  • What you absolutely must do when you’re dressing a man (or face total disaster!)



Shopping for Men

Once you’ve learned how work with men and how to work with the different kinds of garments and accessories, it’s time to learn how to shop and where to go for the best clothes for your clients. You will learn:

  • The top brands for men, and what you need to know about each one
  • How to avoid wasting time, energy, and money by getting to know what brands, stores, and designers work best in each situation.
  • How to ALWAYS find great clothes for men.
  • Which stores and brands fit the style of each client and job you book, and how you can consistently work within your budget when you’re styling men.
  • How to shop online efficiently and effectively, without paying those pesky restocking fees.


Bonus Lessons

To round out your extensive menswear styling education, you'll receive access to a bonus module LOADED with tools to take your skills to the next level.

  • BONUS 1: This menswear media library includes books, magazines, television shows and films you should study to get get inspired. 
  • BONUS 2: The Men's Wardrobe 101 Glossary brings you back to the basics including how to get the best fit, what items should be in every male client's closet, and the do's and don'ts of working with each garment.
  • BONUS 3: Do you know how to tie a bow tie? How about putting on cufflinks? Men have tons of accessory options, and that’s our focus in this bonus about Styling with Accessories.
  • BONUS 4: Color Coordination is key with the nuances of menswear and in this bonus you'll get the guide to doing it right.


Here's What's Possible When you Know How to Style Men


In early 2000, Mark Holmes met renowned UK menswear stylist Mark Anthony Bradley, and that meeting led to a styling apprenticeship. Over the next 5 years, Holmes developed a passion for menswear styling.

Now Holmes has earned himself a spot among top menswear stylists in the industry. He’s worked with celebrities like Jim Carrey, Trent Reznor, Jamie Foxx, Nick Jonas, Bruno Mars, Norman Reedus, and Tracy Morgan.

Mark’s looks are featured regularly on the red carpets during award season, and his work has been prominently in the pages of GQ, L’Officiel Hommes, Rolling Stone, Vogue, and Esquire.

When You Register Today, You’ll Also Get These Special Bonuses...


Our Exclusive Facebook Group for Menswear Styling Course Members

If you have questions during the course, or while you’re styling your clients, get answers in our private Facebook community. In this group, you’ll be able to connect with a lively community of other menswear stylists. You can ask questions, get ideas, celebrate your successes, and work through styling challenges. You’ll see me answering questions in this group, too!

Comprehensive Men’s Garment and Accessory Glossaries

You’ll find ALL the menswear garments and accessories you’ll be working with when you style men in our comprehensive menswear glossaries. These important reference documents will guide you in your shopping trips and increase your confidence when you’re styling clients. Remember: You should know just as much (if not more) about the details of men’s styling than your clients do….and these glossaries can help you get there.

Master Class Videos with Successful Menswear Stylists

Learn the insider secrets building a successful career styling men during these extensive, in-depth master classes with the biggest, most in-demand menswear stylists in the world. Find out how they got started, how they built successful careers, and get a sneak peek into what’s possible when you learn how to style men. These interviews aren’t available anywhere else. This video series includes interviews with celebrity stylists Jeanne Yang, Ilaria Urbinati, and Mark Holmes.

Join the Menswear Styling Course Today, and You’ll Get:

The complete Menswear Styling Course, including 6 information-packed modules. This program gives you everything you need to know to style men as a fashion or personal stylist.

Free unlimited updates to the course, so you’ll get access to all the new bonuses and tools we’ll post when we refresh the course.

Our private online Facebook community, where you can get the help and support you need (from other program members, and directly from me).

The extensive menswear media library, where you’ll get hundreds of sources of inspiration for your styling work, including television, film, books, and magazines.

The Comprehensive Men’s Garment and Accessory Glossaries, which include every single type of garment and accessory known to man.

The Master Class Videos with Successful Menswear Stylists Jeanne Yang, Ilaria Urbinati, and Mark Holmes.



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Single Payment of $697


The School of Style Hassle-Free Guarantee

Are you on the fence about registering for the Menswear Styling Course? We want to help you buy with confidence, so we’re offering a hassle-free guarantee for this program. If you decide the Menswear Styling Course isn’t a good fit for you within the first 30 days after your purchase, we’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Menswear Styling Course

“What’s the difference between this course and the personal stylist or fashion stylist courses?”

Two of our other classes, the Personal Stylist Certification Course and the Fashion Stylist Certification course, focus on the business of styling as a career. 

This menswear course doesn’t teach you anything about running a business as a stylist – it is focused solely on how to style men. 



“Do I need to take the other courses first?”

No – there are no official prerequisites for Menswear Styling. The purpose of the Menswear Styling course is to give you a competitive advantage as a personal or fashion stylist by teaching you the art and strategy of styling men – not to give you advice on the business aspects of being a stylist. 

While this class is packed with valuable lessons that will support your career in any styling field, our other courses will teach you the actual business skills required to build a career. 



“I’m a brand new stylist. Is this course a good fit for me?”

Absolutely! The faster you can learn how to style men, the faster you can feel confident taking on all the jobs that are available to you as a fashion stylist or a personal stylist.



“I’ve been styling for years, and I’ve never styled men before. Will this course be a good fit for me?” 

Definitely! Adding this essential skill to your repertoire is a great choice, no matter how long you’ve been styling women. When you start to work with men, you may be surprised at how much you love it (and/or discover a secret talent you never knew you had!)



“Will this course teach me how to get male clients, as a personal stylist or fashion stylist?”

No – you’ll want to look into one of of our other courses for that. This course teaches you everything about the art and science of styling men.



“Can’t I just learn this stuff as I’m working with male clients, and pick it up as I go along?”

In a word: No. 

Menswear styling requires a set of very unique skills, and you can’t just pick them up informally on the job. Your best move is to take a course that teaches you everything you need to know about styling men – and this is the only reputable menswear styling course in the world. 

Also, trying to “pick it up as you go along” will be embarrassing experience for you. You’ll lose the trust of your client, and you can guarantee they’ll never want to work with you again. Don’t take the chance.

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