The Ultimate Career Bootcamp for Personal Stylists

Get the Tools, Skills, and Confidence You Need to Launch Your Own Personal Styling Business


Do you secretly (or maybe not-so-secretly) long for a career in fashion?

Perhaps your friends always ask you,
“You dress so well...can you help me shop?”

Maybe you’ve got a little voice inside your head that whispers:
“You could be a personal stylist.”

Unfortunately, the process of actually starting your own personal styling business can be a real mystery.


Do any of these describe you right now?

You dream of leaving your full-time job and becoming a stylist full-time, but you worry that you won’t be able to replace your current income or find consistent clients.

You’ve always loved clothes, but now you’ve got a “safe” job with the great benefits. You’ve got responsibilities – so the idea of telling your boss to “shove it” makes you feel like a nervous wreck. 


You feel like you’re going to be letting people down if you follow your dream of becoming a stylist. What if you can’t pay the bills? What if you’re just not good enough?

You feel like you’ve got the styling skills, but you can’t figure out: 

  • How to package your services?
  • How to find clients? 
  • What you should charge for the work you do?

With all these doubts swirling around in your head, you often find yourself wishing there was a program or place where you could learn the nuts and bolts of starting your own personal stylist business. 

You spend your weekends pouring over fashion magazines, obsessing over shopping, and drooling over personal stylists’ websites...but you put your dreams back on the shelf when Monday morning rolls around, because you can’t figure out how to start your own business and you’re terrified that you’re going to fail. 

There is another way...

Imagine what it would feel like if you could:

Have the confidence to launch your own personal styling business,
and start getting clients right away. 

Get to work as a personal stylist every single day: Working with clients, shopping at the best stores, doing fittings, and getting your name out there in the press on a regular basis. 

Have a clear path and a step-by-step action place for marketing your business and bringing in consistent income.

Replace your current income within a few months, and be able to quit your job and do personal styling full-time. 

Be in control of your own schedule and your own income.
Imagine never having to punch a clock or beg for time off, ever again.
You set your own schedule and you decide how much money you make.




The Biggest Myths About Being a Personal Stylist

Myth #1
You have to live in New York or Los Angeles to be a personal stylist.

Truth: You can do this job wherever you live – even if it’s a small town! As long as there are people who need to get dressed, you have potential clients. There are people who wear clothes even in villages, towns, and cities all over the world – and many of those people hate the clothes in their closets! You can make a name for yourself in your city or town, no matter where you live, because your job as a personal stylist is to bring fashion to the average man or woman. 

Myth #2
The market for personal styling is already totally oversaturated.

Truth: Because you’ll be working with “real people” as a personal stylist, the pool of potential clients is infinite. Right now, more and more people are hiring personal stylists (whether in person or virtual, with services like Keaton Row or Stitch Fix) and discovering the importance of style. 

The key to marketing yourself successfully (and bringing in a steady stream of clients) is figuring out who your perfect client is and what gifts you bring to the table. This isn’t hard! It just takes a bit of thoughtful work on your part, and then you can start attracting those clients to your business.


The Real Secrets to Becoming a
Highly Profitable Personal Stylist 

Secret #1:  You don’t have to go to fashion school to learn how to become a personal stylist.  

You need an interest in fashion, of course, but you definitely don’t need to go a traditional fashion school like FIDM or FIT to become a personal stylist. These programs are time-consuming and expensive (you’ll spend anywhere from $40,000 to $100,000), and they don’t actually teach you the practical, actionable skills for marketing your business and working with clients as personal stylist.

In a traditional fashion school, you’ll learn about the history of Coco Chanel, but you won’t learn how to package and price your styling services. 

The best way to get these practical skills is to learn from someone who is already a successful personal stylist – someone who can give the real, honest, from-the-trenches information you really need to run your own profitable business.

Secret #2: The secret to become a successful personal stylist is figuring out who your perfect clients are.

Once you define your “perfect clients”, figure out what your unique skills and talents are, and learn how to attract clients to your business, you will NEVER struggle as a personal stylist. Clients will literally come flocking to you. 

You’ll simply make it easy for them to find you, and when they do discover you, they’ll say, “Finally! Here you are. I can’t wait to work with you. Where do I sign?”

For example, one of my students, Jen, had gastric bypass surgery and experienced a huge body transformation. She had to learn to dress her body all over again. This student figured out that she could create a niche for herself, styling clients who had weight loss surgery. Her clients were delighted to work with her, because they knew Jen understood exactly what they were going through. 

Jen has now created a very profitable personal styling business, because she identified her ideal client and the unique skills she brought to her business.

Secret #3: It is absolutely possible for you to replace your current income doing personal styling. 

Many of our students come into our programs feeling skeptical and afraid. They feel like if they pursue their dreams and start careers in fashion, they will never be able to make as much money as they’re currently making in their traditional jobs. 

“I’ve got a good job!” one of my clients said. “I’m afraid if I quit and become a personal stylist, my kids will starve!”

The good news is that is you CAN make great money as a personal stylist. The graduates of our Personal Stylist Certification program who launch their own businesses usually match or exceed their previous income levels, and many of them make over six figures. They also LOVE what they do every day.

“The Personal Styling class is better than I ever expected. The love, purity and passion expressed during the class is so genuine. I've never had such a great community of like-minded, ambitious entrepreneurs who are committed to changing lives though personal style. The wealth of information Lauren provides us with is incredible. School of Style rocks and I'd recommend it to anyone looking to get into the fashion/styling industries.”


Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn

Introduction to Personal Styling

In this first part of the class, you will learn:

  • What a personal stylist is (and what it is NOT).
  • The massive benefits of being a personal stylist. There will be things on this list that surprise you!
  • How to figure out exactly why you want to become a personal stylist.
  • How you can use your personal motivation to build your business and connect with clients.
  • The different ways you can structure your styling business.


Identifying Your
Ideal Client

Learn why it’s so critical that you figure out exactly who you’ll serve in your business. In this section, you’ll find out how to:

  • Develop your ideal client avatar, so you’ll know exactly who you’re helping in your business, and be able to attract those people with ease.
  • Identify and understand your customer avatar’s main issues and problems, and figure out how you can help your customers solve those problems.
  • Discover your mission as a stylist, and how your mission will shape the way you market yourself, run your business, and work with clients. 


Packaging Your Services and Figuring Out What to Charge

Confused about how to position and price your services? We'll answer all your questions in this section of the class. You'll learn:

  • How to identify exactly what services you’ll provide for clients (we’ll give you a ton of potential ideas!)
  • How to figure out exactly what to charge for your services, so you’ll never have to feel uncomfortable about pricing when speaking with your clients.
  • Precisely what you should charge as a beginning, intermediate, advanced, and expert stylist. We’ve been told this information alone is worth the price of the course!


The Step-by-Step Roadmap to Getting Clients Right Away

In this section, we’ll turn you into a marketing pro for your business, so you’ll know exactly how to consistently bring in clients. You’ll find out how to:

  • Find clients starting from day one – even if you’re just getting started.  
  • Identify the look and feel of your brand, so you can attract clients who are perfect for you.
  • Utilize online marketing and social media in smart ways, and start building your online following as quickly as possible.
  • Use traditional marketing methods (like having a publicist or purchasing ads) to reach your ideal clients. 
  • Get qualified referrals from happy clients.
  • How to conduct success sales calls with potential clients (we’ll give you Lauren’s secret method for closing more sales on your calls!)


The School of Style Guide to Working as a Personal Stylist

In this unique section, we’re going to dig into the nitty-gritty of working as a personal stylist. You’ll find out what to expect during your day-to-day work with prospects and clients. You’ll learn:

  • How to conduct successful consultations with new clients. We’ll give you our step-by-step method for making sure you gather all the information you need AND make sure the client feels confident about the process. 
  • How to develop styles for your clients, including where to find an endless supply of inspiration and ideas. 
  • Our best tips and techniques for conducting a closet cleanse for your client. 
  • How to shop like a stylist: Where to shop, how to create relationships with stores, and how to ensure success on your shopping trips. 
  • The best way to conducting successful fittings, so your clients are always delighted with the results.
  • How to skillfully wrap up your client jobs, including a process for handling billing and returns smoothly and professionally.

Need Help and Support?  

It’s Just a Few Clicks Away.

When you join our Personal Stylist Certification Class, you’ll get immediate access to our private Facebook group for personal stylists.  

In this group, you’ll be able to connect with a vibrant community of personal stylists who are at all different stages of their businesses. Alumni students (who own successful personal stylist businesses) are there to mentor you, answer your questions, and help you celebrate your successes.   

You’ll get advice from the other stylists AND from me – I’ll be commenting in the Facebook group and host a monthly LIVE Q&A so you have lots of support along your journey.

When You Enroll Today, You’ll Also Get:

“Social Media for Stylists” Online Course 

This focused course on social media will help you level up your career as a stylist and start getting the money, jobs, and respect you deserve. You’ll learn how to create a social media presence that works for you, pick the social media platform that will get you the most work, craft a message on social media the converts “likes” into paying clients, and find effective ways to get your message in front of your ideal audience using free AND paid social media.



Lauren’s Dress Right For Your Body Type Online Course 

Not sure how to dress your client’s body? Want to know exactly what to put on your clients to make them look and feel their best? This course will teach you the same methods Lauren learned from Stacy London from ‘What Not To Wear.’



The School of Style Business Checklist Worksheet

This checklist lists everything you need to launch your business, including managing your money, getting insured, securing your online identity, and creating your marketing materials. This bonus is a BIG favorite with our students!




What Students Say: 

"If someone is thinking about taking the class, I would say do it. It's worth it. It's worth every penny" 

"I've taken other classes before and they haven't been quite as efficient or delved into as much detail as this one!"


Join the Personal Stylist Certification Course Today, and You’ll Get:

A full video-based online course, taught by personal stylist Lauren Messiah.

All the tools you need to build your own profitable business as a personal stylist. 

Our step-by-step roadmap to packaging and pricing your services and finding your first clients right away. 

Our private online Facebook community for personal stylists.

An official School of Style Certificate of Completion when you complete the class.



Bonus #1
“Social Media for Stylists” Online Course
Bonus #2
Lauren’s Dress Right For Your Body Type Online Course
Bonus #3
The School of Style Business Checklist Worksheet

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between fashion styling and personal styling?

The difference is who you’re styling. Fashion stylists style models for runways or editorials, celebs for red carpets, clothing for advertisements, look books for designers, etc.

Personal stylists style REAL people by curating their closets to fit a ‘personal’ style. Sometimes, these people are celebrities.

Do I need to have experience in the fashion industry prior to taking this course?

Nope! An interest in working in the fashion industry is the only real requirement– we teach you absolutely everything you need to know to work as a stylist.

We have students from all over the world, of every age and experience level, take our classes and launch successful careers in fashion. If they can do it, so can you!

Your testimonials seem too good to be true. Are your graduates really doing this well?

Yes! Our hashtag for School of Style is #ourgradswork, because so many of our graduates are working as fashion and personal stylists. Some of our fashion stylists are working with big names like Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Madonna. 

Many of our personal stylist graduates are running very successful businesses making six figures and up. The sky’s the limit with personal styling!

If I take this class, do I need to quit my current job and do personal styling full-time right away?

Just because you decide to take this class, it doesn’t mean you have to quit your job and become a personal stylist. Many of our graduates do that, because they’ve got the confidence and skills to launch their own businesses and go for it –but if you’re not ready, you don’t need to do that! 

Picture this class a first step in deciding whether or not becoming a personal stylist is for you. You can just explore this world and decide if you’d like to jump in.



Am I too old (or too young) to become a personal stylist?

Absolutely not - we’ve had students of all ages, and we’ll welcome you with open arms. We’re committed to your success and will help you launch your own personal stylist business. 


Begin your Career in Fashion Today!

Get the Tools, Skills, and Confidence You Need to Launch Your Own Personal Stylist Business



Stay up to date on any future updates on this Certification Course by putting your name and email in the form below...