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Ditch Your Day Job and Start Your Dream Job As a Fashion Stylist in 60 Days!

Learn How To Become a Fashion Stylist At School of Style

Are you stuck at a 9-5 job because that is what you’re “supposed” to do but you’re dying to work in a more creative industry?

Have you wasted thousands on fashion school, seminars, and workshops only to go back where you started -nowhere?

Do you want to work in an industry where you will be accepted, and your real talents will earn you a lucrative income?

Then you're in the right place!

It's Time To Make Your Dream A Reality

School of Style is “The Fashion School for Stylists”  founded in by stylists Luke Storey and Lauren Messiah. Based on our powerful and unique vision, School of Style has quickly become established worldwide as the premiere fashion school exclusively for stylists.

Since 2008 we have trained over 3000 students in 8 different US cities. 

Unlike traditional fashion schools, School Of Style teaches students every aspect of the styling industry through a series of innovative classes, all in an incredibly short period – and at a fraction of the cost. We attribute our exceptionally high student success rate to this teaching model and to the fact that our classes are taught exclusively by stylists who are active and successful in the industry, and therefore able to deliver the most relevant and current information.

Our courses begin with the fundamentals of the business and art of styling and conclude with the technical on-set skills required for this career to give our students an unparalleled, realistic view of the styling industry from the ground up.

Our graduates have gone on to work with world-famous stylists like June Ambrose, Monica Rose, Brad Goreski, Johnny Wujek, and B Akerlund, as well as hundreds of top fashion photographers, magazines, and celebrities.

Why Styling?

1.) Working as a fashion stylist is the 3rd most lucrative career in the fashion industry

2.) Stylists can earn up to $10k PER DAY

3.) The demand for stylists continues to rise each year, which means more jobs for people like you!

From Retail To Styling Taylor Swift, a School of Style Graduates Story

I've been working as a stylist now for five years since taking School of Style. I was in my apartment without a job, and I was like, I should do this. I immediately signed up. Before attending School of Style was working retail at Nordstrom.

The most exciting job I ever worked on was the Super Bowl Halftime
Show when Madonna performed. As a key stylist, I've worked with talent from the Disney Channel. Bella Thorne, Peyton List, various actors for different red carpet premiers, lots of TV talent.

My most epic moment was when I designed a shirt that Taylor wore and was there, start to finish in customizing this shirt. I was like, oh my God I only took this class two years ago ... How is this my life?

Lindsey Nolan, 27 years old
Los Angeles, California

School of Style Is Now Available ONLINE

After years of requests, we have taken our course online so we can reach more aspiring stylists and help turn their dream into a reality.


  • 3 individual courses each loaded with video lessons taken from our live class
  • Over 50 videos of informative content to get working as a stylist
  • Downloadable PDFs, worksheets, resource books, guides, and more
  • Bonus eBooks, videos, and materials to supplement your online education


  • Exclusive access to our private online Facebook group where you can ask questions and support each other throughout your journey to becoming a stylist.
  • Chat with Luke and Lauren, as they will be popping into the Facebook group to answer your questions live.


  • You will receive lifetime access to School of Style’s online program, which includes any improvements and new videos that we add along the way.


  •  Receive 5 bonus videos with information we typically reserve for our in-person students.


  • A downloadable resource binder with thousands of useful bits of information including a garment glossary, an illustrated guide to help you identify different types of garments, a merchandising cheat sheet, and much more.
  • A copy of Lauren Messiah’s ‘Dress Right For Your Body Type’ eBook

This Course Is Only Available For A Limited Time ...

Your dream career is waiting. Hesitant to invest in your future? Try our easy payment plan that allows you pay off the class over the course of a year.

Who Hires School of Style Graduates?

The #1 question we get a School of Style? Will I get a job after completing this online course? Luck, fate, and your ability to function in society will, of course, play a huge role in the future of your employment - but what we CAN tell you is this ...

School of Style is the go-to resource for the industry's top stylists, magazines, and brands. So having School of Style on your resume is a major door opener. Plus, the skills we teach are not taught at traditional fashion schools or fluffy "how to become a stylist" seminars. That means you have a huge advantage over the competition.

Let's Take A Look At The Course


  • Find out if you have what it takes to make it as a stylist in the fashion industry.
  • Discover the various career paths that exist in the styling industry (there are more than you think).
  • In this module, we will answer the million dollar question: how much money you will make as a stylist!


  • Learn how and why taping shoes is one of the most important skills you’ll need on set.
  • How to operate and properly use a standing and hand steamer.
  • Merchandising clothing is #1 skill you’ll need to master on set. We’ll show you exactly how to do it right every time.
  • Discover how to merchandising and keep track of valuables like jewelry, shoes, and accessories while working on set.
  • How to effectively wrap and pack up a set after a styling job.
  • Take a peek inside a stylist’s kit and all of the tools you’ll need to get the job done.


  • Find out exactly what to expect on your first day of the job as a fashion stylist.
  • Discover how to dress for success for your new career as a stylist.
  • We’ll help you avoid losing your new job with our infamous ‘how to get fired’ lesson.
  • Learn to write a winning resume for an intern, assistant, and key stylists positions.
  • Find out the #1 secret to getting work as a stylist (the secret no one else will tell you).


  • Discover the wardrobe hacks that all the best stylists use.
  • Are you committing the 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media? Find out with this exclusive bonus
  • Learn how to remove the toughest stains with our stain removal tricks.
  • How to create mood boards that best show your vision to potential styling clients.

 STYLE 101

  • Create a solid foundation that will get you paid by mastering the basics of style.
  • Train your eye with the resources that the best stylist in the world uses to seek inspiration.
  • Avoid embarrassing yourself in front of clients but learning how to pronounce designer names.


  • Learn how to style every “type” of clients by fully understanding the key style archetypes. Expanding your abilities means expanding your money making potential.
  • Discover how to identify different types of garments, fabrications, patterns, and prints.
  • Find out how to style for every type of red carpet, magazine editorial, music video, photo shoot, and more. All jobs aren’t created equal, but we’ll have you prepared to style any kind of job.
  • Master the skills and techniques needed to style groups of people, including; casts of television shows and bands.
  • Turn yourself into a pro when it comes to choosing the right TV-friendly looks for your clients.


  • From styling with shoes to accessories, colors, prints, and patterns - discover the art and science involved in styling a look.
  • How to style by body type, because all styling clients are not curve-less size two supermodels. These skills will give you the ability to style any client that comes your way.


  • Travel through time with our lesson in fashion history. Discover the key trends from the 1900’s-1990’.


  • Prepare yourself for the job by mastering the pre-production meeting. Learn the right questions to ask and how to conduct yourself during this key interaction.
  • Discover how stylists get clothing for “free” and find out how to score these freebies for your clients.
  • Breakdown scripts for music videos and commercial exactly as a stylist would on the job.
  • Behind every styling job is a budget, learn how to spend and stretch every dollar.
  • Find out where stylists go shopping for the fashions they put on their clients.
  • Discover how shopping like a stylist is much different than shopping like a “normal” person.


  • Learn how to conduct a fitting like a professional stylist.
  • Discover the intricacies of a photo shoot including how to read a call sheet, a location map, and a shooting schedule.
  • How to properly conduct yourself on set.
  • Find out how to fill out every type of shipping form known to man (shipping is a HUGE part of being a stylist).
  • Pack up after a job like a pro. Insider secret: styling requires a lot of moving significant amounts of clothing from one place to another.
  • Get promptly paid and reimbursed after a job with these failsafe methods for wrapping a job.


  • Marketing tactics for stylists, which include; how to properly design your business cards (you’ll need more than one kind), and other unique techniques that will get your name out there.
  • Learn how and where to network as a stylist. Even the biggest introverts will benefit from these lessons.
  • Create a stunning website to show off your work as a stylist.
  • Discover how to be the creative director for a test shoot.
  • How to find a styling agent to represent you. 


I am a complete newbie when it comes to styling, is this a good place to start?

Absolutely! School of Style teaches you exactly how to become a stylist from the ground up. The genius of our program is that it not only helps aspiring stylists with zero experience, we have also taken stylists who are feeling stuck in their careers to the next level.

I want to sign up, but I’m afraid to spend the money.

We totally understand, it's difficult to make such a large investment especially when you've already spent a ton of college tuition, books, seminars, and other courses to help you reach your goals of becoming a full-time stylist.

It may be hard to trust us because we are selling the course, but this will be your last stop on the education merry-go-round. At School of Style, we pride ourselves in selling the truth and giving our students actionable information to get them to work immediately after completing the course.

We also have a super easy payment plan available. Pay $197 today and get access to all of the course material. You will be charged $197 for the next 11 months until you are all paid up.

Will I get a job after completing this course?

Luck, fate, and your ability to function in society will, of course, play a huge role in the future of your employment - but what we CAN tell you is this ...

School of Style is the go-to resource for the industry's top stylists, magazines, and brands. So having School of Style on your resume is a major door opener. Plus, the skills we teach are not taught at traditional fashion schools or fluffy "how to become a stylist" seminars. That means you have a huge advantage over the competition.

Do I get a certificate of completion at the end?

You sure do! Once you complete the course materials, you will receive a certificate of completion so you can show the world and future employers that you are a School of Style grad.

What are the modules like and how long do they take?

Each module is packed full of video lessons, downloads, and assignments for you to complete. The video content is taken from our live courses, so you can rest assured that the education you are receiving is top notch.

There are a lot of videos in this course! The average student takes around nine weeks to complete the entire course. However, this is a self-paced course so you can take as much or as little time as you need.

Will you offer this course again in the future?

Perhaps. We can't guarantee we will offer this exact course again in the future, so we highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity now.

Do you teach in-person classes as well?

We sure do! Visit to see our complete live course offerings.

Do you offer refunds?

No. At School of Style we firmly believe that if you want to become a stylist our information is proven to work. If you are unsure if School of Style is right for you, please contact our customer service team. We won't let you make a purchase unless we know it's right for you.

I have more questions, where do I ask them?

Ask away! Send your questions to [email protected]


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