Menswear Styling Certification

Being able to style men will give you a huge advantage as a stylist. 

The menswear industry is exploding worldwide, and there are opportunities everywhere for talented stylists who know how to dress men. 

You never know what kind of job you’re going to book as stylist, so you need to be prepared for anything. That means you must know how to style men as well as women.

If you’re a personal stylist, you’re going to have clients who give you referrals to style their husbands, boyfriends, and best friends – and you’ll probably attract male clients with through your marketing efforts, too!

If you’re a fashion stylist, you might be booked to do costume design for film, editorials, music videos, television commercials, or advertising jobs. Every type of of styling job will include men, and many aspiring fashion stylists don’t realize that until they start working.

Not knowing how to style men when you’re assisting a key stylist can be a huge problem. Not knowing how to style men when booked on your own job can be an even bigger problem!

Being able to style men can make you valuable as a personal stylist or fashion stylist in this very competitive industry – so it’s absolutely imperative to learn or be left behind.

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