Personal Stylist Online Certification Program

Start Your Personal Styling Business and Shop For a Living! 

Are you the go-to person for your friends and family when it comes to getting dressed for job interviews, parties, and events?

Are people constantly telling you that you should get paid to shop?

Are you sick and tired of working at a job that you doesn't fulfill your passion

Does shopping and styling to make people look and feel their best sounds like a dream job to you? 

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then you are definitely in the right place.

It's Time To Turn Your Passion Into a Paycheck 

School of Style's Personal Styling program is led by Los Angeles based Personal Stylist, Lauren Messiah. Lauren has a unique ability to change the way people feel about themselves, therefore becoming the best versions of themselves. Lauren provides high-end 1-on-1 styling services and educates fashionistas to pursue styling as a career at her fashion school, School of Style.

Lauren Messiah's clients are top executives at FOX, CBS, HBO, Lifetime, and ESPN- to name a few. Lauren has lent her expertise to brands like Westfield Mall, Marshalls, Target, eBay, adidas, Kohl’s, and Ford Motors. She has been featured in publications including; Vogue Italia, Marie Claire, Health Magazine, WWD, Huffington Post, and the Wall Street Journal are also fans of my work.

Lauren was personally trained by Stacy London from TLC's What Not To Wear - she knows her stuff and has been passing her knowledge to aspiring personal stylists since 2009.

Why Personal Styling?

The Personal Styling industry has grown 41% to a $761 million dollar industry over the past 5 years (NOT including in-store or e-commerce styling). Men and women all over the world want to work with a stylist - this is no longer a luxury reserved for celebrities and the rich and famous. 

School of Style's Personal Stylist Certification Program Is Now Available ONLINE

After years of requests, we have taken our course online so we can reach more aspiring personal stylists and help turn their dream into a reality.


  • 7 unique modules each loaded with video lessons taken from our live class.
  • Over 20 videos of informative content to get working as a stylist.
  • Downloadable PDFs and worksheets to compliment your lessons.
  • Bonus eBooks, videos, and materials to supplement your online education.


Exclusive access to our private online Facebook group where you can ask questions and support each other throughout your journey to becoming a stylist. Chat with Lauren Messiah, as she will be popping into the Facebook group to answer your questions live.


You will receive lifetime access to School of Style’s online personal styling program, which includes any improvements and new videos that we add along the way.

Your dream career is waiting. Hesitant to invest in your future? Try our easy payment plan that allows you pay off the class over the course of a year.

 Let's Take A Look At The Course

Module 1 - Introduction To Personal Styling

  • Find out how a career as a personal style differs from one of a celebrity, wardrobe, or fashion stylist.
  • Discover why personal styling rocks -from more money, more free time, and more satisfaction than any other type of stylist.
  • Learn about the various career paths available in the profession of personal styling.


Module 2 - Starting Your Business

  • Starting a business can be hard without help. Lucky for you, this module is loaded with checklist and guidance for starting your business.
  • Learn the #1 secret to success when it comes to attracting the right customers.
  • A full breakdown of the services you could offer as a personal stylist.
  • The answer to the million dollar question, "How much should I charge?" will be revealed

Module 3- Tools Of The Trade

  • How to design a website that reflects your brand AND attracts customers.
  • Discover the tools and supplies you can't live without as a personal stylist.

Module 4- Marketing Yourself

  • Learn the best and most powerful ways to attract clients and get the word out about your business.

  • Social media and free marketing tactics to put you ahead of the competition.


Module 5- Forms and Paperwork

  • Score samples of the contracts, forms, and paperwork that Lauren uses in her business!

  • Save money on lawyers because Lauren has spent that money for you.


Module 6- How To 

Walk through a personal styling job from start to finish with comprehensive lessons on the following topics:

  • Client Communication
  • Taking Measurements
  • Shopping and Styling Looks
  • The Fitting
  • Returns and Billing


Module 7- Getting To Work

  • Resources for continuing your education and learning the most cutting-edge information to keep your business fresh.
  • Learn the proven methods for finding clients and getting work immediately following this program.


I am a complete newbie when it comes to styling, is this a good place to start?

Absolutely! School of Style teaches you exactly how to become a stylist from the ground up. The genius of our program is that it not only helps aspiring stylists with zero experience, we have also taken stylists who are feeling stuck in their careers to the next level.

I want to sign up, but I’m afraid to spend the money.

We totally understand, it's difficult to make such a large investment especially when you've already spent a ton of college tuition, books, seminars, and other courses to help you reach your goals of becoming a full-time stylist.

It may be hard to trust us because we are selling the course, but this will be your last stop on the education merry-go-round. At School of Style, we pride ourselves in selling the truth and giving our students actionable information to get them to work immediately after completing the course.

We also have a super easy payment plan available. Pay $97 today and get access to all of the course material. You will be charged $97 for the next 11 months until you are all paid up.

Do I get a certificate of completion at the end?

You sure do! Once you complete the course materials, you will receive a certificate of completion so you can show the world and future client's that you are a School of Style certified personal stylist.

What are the modules like and how long do they take?

Each module is packed full of video lessons, downloads, and assignments for you to complete. The video content is taken from our live courses, so you can rest assured that the education you are receiving is top notch.

There are a lot of videos in this course! The average student takes around six weeks to complete the entire course. However, this is a self-paced course so you can take as much or as little time as you need.

Will you offer this course again in the future?

Perhaps. We can't guarantee we will offer this exact course again in the future, so we highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity now.

Do you teach in-person classes as well?

We sure do! Visit to see our complete live course offerings.

Do you offer refunds?

No. At School of Style we firmly believe that if you want to become a stylist our information is proven to work. If you are unsure if School of Style is right for you, please contact our customer service team. We won't let you make a purchase unless we know it's right for you.

I have more questions, where do I ask them?

Ask away! Send your questions to [email protected]








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